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In Support of Our Active Duty, Reservists and Guardsmen
Donate to Operation Shoebox

This worthy program is been spearheaded byAuxiliary Unit 206 since 2006. 


Thank you letters are received from time to time, and we emphasize that this program is greatly appreciated by the troops.  Below is a note and picture received on April  10, 2017 ATTESTING TO THE VALUE OF THIS PROGRAM:


I am hoping this message reaches you all well and may be passed forward to Rosalie and all of the Chesapeake Beach American Legion who has supported us through our deployment. We continue to receive wonderful care packages from your organization and appreciate it very much. You have brought many smiles and happiness to everyone in our CSH. We have been able to pack up goodies and send them forward throughout the Middle East. I have pulled these email addresses from the newsletter that Rosalie encloses in our packages. I am sorry if I reached anyone by mistake. I will return from deployment next month (May 2017). While I am visiting home in Maryland in late May, I would love to bring a small token of our appreciation to the American Legion if anyone would be available to receive it. If not, please provide a mailing address where I can send items.

Very Respectfully,

CPT Lauren Scherer

Army Nurse Corps

31st Combat Support Hospital                                                                                                                                                                Cpt. Scherer and friends


The followiong thank yous were just received in May 2017.  Thanks to everyone who supports this fine program.


You can help by donating any of the following items:

Miscellaneous Items

Sun screen

Chapsticks and Lip balm


CD cases

Medicated Gold Bond foot powder

Mini footballs


Writing/note paper


Word Search & Puzzle books

Mechanical Pencils

Playing Cards




Cotton balls

Nail files

Baby wipes - unscented

Feminine products


Antibacterial hand sanitizer

Toilet paper

face soap for sensitive skin

sewing kits

Pocket tissues

Mini board games

Sun glasses


Eye wash (Visine)

Liquid Tears


Food Items

Granola bars

Hard candy (Individually wrapped

Little Debbie's (No Chocolate)

Pop Tarts

Beef Jerky

Slim Jim's

Power bars


Sunflower seeds

Microwave Popcorn (no butter)



Snack size hags of Dorito's, Cheese Curls

Or Frito's (regular chips are too fragile)

Cheese or Peanut Butter cracker


Crystal Light (Individual)


Monetary donations are also appreciated to help with postage.  Please leave behind the bar marked: Operation Shoe Box.

Support Operation Shoe Box

A Special Salute to Penny VanDyke and Clarisse Choux whos tireless efforts make Operation Shoebox a resounding success.  Operation Shoebox is a way to help our troops overseas.  

Received from Afghanistan March 1, 2014:

Good Day Ms. Rosalie Russell,

                Allow me to introduce myself, I am SSG Quinzy Johnson the RC East (Afghanistan) NCOIC for a groups of Soldiers fortunate enough to be sponsored through your organization. I say fortunate because it’s an amazing testament to the kindness of complete strangers as we make our sacrifices in service to our Country. We are aware that your organization (the American Legion) is comprised of Veterans and for your service we say, “Thank you”. The blessings that you have given us from your care packages can never be appreciated enough. We are truly grateful! As we deal with the stress, struggles and obstacles of this challenging deployment knowing that there is someone back “home” thinking of us (without even knowing us) helps us fight through it all.

Our unit is stationed out of Fort Meade, MD. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Chesapeake Beach but I will try and find the time once I return to the States. I would love to meet the wonderful heroes of your Legion and shake their hands. From the publications, letters and newsletters to the food treats everything reminded us of home. Again, thank you! Your “continued” efforts giving back to the military inspires us to want to do more after our careers end. Please on behalf of my team here in Afghanistan, thank everyone within the Legion. It is an honor to know that we are all joined as a military family. You have become our extended family of sorts!


Quinzy A.' Johnson



The following was received from a service member deployed in Afghanistan.  It demonstrates the importance of our Legion Family's involvement in this vital program.  A special thanks goes to Rosalie Russell and her Auxiliary helpers for representing Post 206 so well.  We urge all members to continue to support this valuable effort.

To Rosalie Russell,

I would like to thank you and the members of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit # 206 for your kind and thoughtful care packages as part of Operation Shoe Box. The items were well received by myself as well as the Soldiers who I have deployed with here in Afghanistan.

The items you sent were perfect for a deployed unit, a small amount of the essential personal hygiene items, snacks, as well the items for entertainment. So many times when first time deploying Soldiers receive packages from family and friends they are chocked full of the same items. And in the past so much of it would go to waste, because you can only drink so much Gatorade. Your packages made it very easy to hand out to the Soldiers because it contained those little items, and things they didn’t already have. 

I would also like to thank you for the various elements of reading material you sent along with the packages. For I am the only one close to Chesapeake Beach area I found it very amusing that the two issues of the Calvert Gazette had articles about two of their local restaurant’s. One of which I held my wedding reception in and the other we used as a meeting place for friends and family that came from out of town for our wedding. It was nice to see both businesses doing well in these troubling times. So those items touched me more than others. With that please also extend our thanks to Mr. Richard Canter for the several magazines he provided as well.

The letters and notes for the school children were also well received, it becomes very hard to keep up with all the correspondence we have sent to us by all the different students of my Soldiers friends, family, and even their own kid’s schools. I believe we have gotten more mail from them than I have ever seen in my over 20 year career.

Again I would like to thank you for the thoughts and prayers, updates on life back home. I would like to also to inform you that my unit will be redeploying soon and that we request that your efforts be spent on those Soldiers that remain here after we have departed. Some of the efforts here will be drawing down with in the near future and I would hate to have your care packages go to waste.

SFC James M. Belt
352nd MP CO Det 3
"Double Deuces"
Camp Sabalu-Harrison

Thanks for your support!!!!

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