2017-2018 Post Officer Nominations


The results of nominations held  April 21st  and May 5th are as follows:

Commander:  Les Griffith

1st Vice Commander:  Andy Charland, Mark Roccapriore(declined)

2nd Vice Commander:  Denise Larson

Finance Officer:  Rob Sybert

Service Officer: Timothy Markwald

Sgt. At Arms:  Pat Murphy

Chaplain:  Scott Deacon

Historian:  Fred Bumgarner

Executive Committee:  J.P. Sherkus, Ashton King, Tim Danner, Charlie Choux, Kirk Larman, Jack Gregory, and Al Landis

Judge Advocate and Adjutant: Appointed by the incoming Commander


This year’s Election Committee is:

Rob Meicht(Chairman)

Harry Hill

Hank Walke


Elections will be held Friday May 19th from 2pm to 6pm in the Hall. Results to be tallied at the meeting after. You must have your 2017 membership card with you to vote.


Thank you to all who have chosen to serve!