The American Legion, Department of Maryland

Active Duty, Reservists and Guard

Welcome to the STALLINGS - WILLIAMS POST 206, Inc.

In Support of Our Active Duty, Reservists and Guardsmen

We Salute:

Jessica Dostal
Derek Richnafsky
Ken Fewell
Troy Raliff
Jason Hood
Betsy Branch
Michael Branch
Steve Tatro Jr.
Joe Dennis
Robert Jerow
Kevin Archer
Chris Boutin
Sean Mattingly
Joseph Dellinger
Rose Baker
Robin Decent
Paul Brenner
William Webb
Sunny A. Micik
Cheryl Hoffma
Kris Micik
Pat Edgington
Kelly Gossett
Karl Dendekker
James Roberts
Tamara Williams
Burton Treen
Bill Zachry
Kevin Krouse
Bret Miller
Dennis Zeigler
Max Bennett
Bob Weatherly
Sheldon Stuchell
Susan Bagley
Stephanie Horne
Brandon Horne
Kevin McKenzie
James Zebreski
Alan Holmes
Dave Norris
Kendal Kinney
John Leonatti
Katrina Oyer
James Rigger Jr
Ronald Smith
Erik LaSalle
Nathan Ford
Emily Moore
Peter Kehrig
Mitchell Rowe
Dan Kane
Bill Delaney
Allan Taylor
Jeff Fonteneau
Nick Adams
Jeff Becker
Teddy Yates
Dave Knapp
Dan Presley
Jen Branning
Josh Hawkins
Mike Madine
Ron Palaroan
Adam Kohnen
Josh Regan
John Hooper
Nathan Reuland
Albert Guzzardc Jr.
Brandy Lane
Allen McCluskey
Gabriel Pedraza
Lisa Arsenault-Nepa
Troy Peterson
Roy Ingram

The Members listed above are currently serving in the Military, Reserves, and National Guard. If you know of a member or family member who should be added please let me or someone at the Post know. My Email address is If I have someone listed that is no longer serving please let me know so I can correct that also. Thank you in advance for everyone’s help with this.

Comments or Corrections, contact: WebMaster

Auxiliary Post 206 S A L
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