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9 Things to Consider When Choosing Bunk Beds for storage

When looking for a bunk bed, there are several of them in the market, and choosing the right one for your needs can sometimes be challenging. If you want your kids to sleep peacefully, it would be great if you go for the best choice. When choosing a bunk bed, there are many things you will have to consider to make sure that you have selected the right bank bed for storage. Below are some of the 9 Things to Consider When Choosing Bunk Beds for storage


Bunk beds can naturally fit in small spaces but can bring a lot of benefits when they are placed in larger rooms. You can begin by measuring your floor space as well as the ceiling height. It is important for every user to know that storage bunk beds require additional space. If you want a perfect space saver then you should go for a loft bed, this bed combines sleeping area and the play area in one place.


This involves the overall look of the bed. You should look at how the wood is sanded and polished. You should check if the drawers slide properly in and out, the color of the wood should also be considered, you may want to choose a color that blends with your interior decor or a color that your child likes. Though they may not seem as important, but considering them is a good idea.


Most buyers normally look for great deals when they want to buy a storage bunk bed. Many stores sell these beds with different prices, and these prices depend on the size, material, storage, and more. Therefore, before selecting one, you need to do some window shopping to compare the prices of your preferred bunk bed, find out the most important features and go for one that you think has those features and comes with a reasonable price.


Whenever you go to look for a bunk bed in a store, you can try the shake test. This will help you determine how much the bed rocks. This is to ensure that it is firm enough for the kids because children are normally hard on furniture, they jump, rock and bounce on the bed repeatedly as they play, so getting a weak bed may be dangerous for your children. You can also determine its firmness by looking at the thickness of the corner pieces of the bed frame as well as the materials used.


When making your final decision on the bed you intend to buy, it very important that you consider how the bed will be accessed. The methods of accessing it should be simple, and this may involve the steeper ladders or stairs. To effectively select the right one, comparing different alternatives should be an option, those that have handrails are some of the beds to be considered.

Additional features

Apart from storage features, you have to look for other special features. Some of these features may involve sturdy areas or other features like slides or tents. The features you choose to go for should depend on your child’s needs. If you have a child who likes having friends for a sleepover, then you should go for a bed with futons or pull out beds. You can as well go for bunk beds which come with your desired features. However, getting your child’s opinion about the features he prefers and his needs is the best thing you can do when looking to buy a storage bunk bed.

Safety precautions

Safety is the most important thing to consider when choosing a bunk bed. You have to make sure that your preferred bunk bed contains all the required safety features, and these features may involve guardrails, floorboards, and headboards. You can choose to get a bunk bed that has a lower height with firm guard rails; they are the best option for those looking for bunk beds for their younger children. If you are good at DIY, you can set up on your own to ensure that you have not ignored even a single security and safety issue.


No matter the appearance, size, and color of your bunk bed, choosing to go for a bunk bed made from strong material should be your option. It is recommended that you go for beds made from wood, this is because metals are contemporary as well as commercial and when it comes to kids it is risky as well, and this is due to its cover. Apart from that, beds made from metal are also slippery, sharp, and cold, which is not good for kids. As for beds made from woods, that are very friendly, and they are not costly too. However, their prices depend on the type of wood used to make it.


Bunk beds exist in different styles; this, therefore, means that you have a wide variety of selections to choose from. You can choose to go for traditional or modern styles. You can also choose to go for the cottage style of country style; there are a lot of options for you to choose from. However, it is essential for every parent to go for a bunk bed that is, preferred by his child, if your kid loves something modern then you should go for the modern type bunk beds, do not choose the style which you think is best for you, your style choice should be according to your kids choice.

Your kind of decoration, the number of kids that will be using the room, the available space, the material, and the height does not matter, by doing proper research, you will be able to find your preferred bunk bed.

Bunk beds are very great when it comes to saving space and provides a lot of fun for the children as well. To ensure your child stays safe while using the bed, you have to follow the assembly instructions that usually come along with the hunk bed. You must also ensure that you safely adjust the guard rails on both sides, the ladder must also be attached to the bed frame safely. Between the guard rails upper rails and the mattress, you have to ensure that 5 inches are left.

When Your Dad is a Soldier

Have you imagined what would happen to you and your family suppose your dad decided to take the bold decision of joining the forces?

To some, this is one of the wildest ideas that they would never entertain in their thoughts. But sometimes things can happen in a way that nobody expected, and your father finds himself serving in the military.

Does it mean that the bond that exists in the family will be broken? Is everything now over that your father is probably going to be away on duty for long periods? All these are some of the negative thoughts that are probably going through your mind as you juggle the thought of your dad in military gear.

However, you also need to think about the positive implications of such a scenario. What will you as a family reap from your father serving in the forces? Looking at both sides of the coin is imperative as everything has its pros and shortcomings as well. In details, let’s look together at some of the positives and negatives that such a situation would bring.

Merits of having a dad in the military

1)    Social benefits

Are you aware that your dad is entitled to some very lucrative social benefits if he happens to be serving in the army? The government understands that the military role is one that is tasking, and only the decided can handle the sacrifice that comes with it. On this respect, the government is more lenient to soldiers than other government employees and acts to provide them with some of the best social benefits.


If your dad is a soldier, your family is entitled to be offered a free house at the military base. Soldiers are also offered the chance to educate their kids in free schools. Medicare at an army camp is also provided at a subsidized price. Also, while living in the military base, your family would be entitled to discounts on many essential commodities such as foodstuffs. In a nutshell, the cost of living for officers living in a military base together with their families is relatively cheaper than outside.

2)    Chance to travel to many parts

Soldiers are obliged to respond to a call of duty in wherever place that they are asked to go. While this at times compels them to go to some of the harshest places on the planet, it is also a perfect opportunity to visit destinations that they would have never reached if they were civilians. Therefore, when your dad is military, he has the chance to go to almost anywhere.

The destinations are usually unpredictable, and this makes it more fun. Imagine getting gifts sourced from various parts of the globe. This is an opportunity that you can only get if your dad is military or serves as a diplomat. Sounds weird imagining your dad being as widely as traveled as an ambassador, right? Look, It shouldn’t feel unusual as that is the truth of it.

3)    An opportunity to be highly trained

Many people join the military in the lower ranks only to leave having achieved so much education wise. There is, of course, a lot of physical training while in the military. Here, soldiers are educated on how to lead healthy lifestyles and ensure that their bodies remain fit at all times. You would want to have a dad who is ever physically fit to learn from.

Also, the military officers are undertaken through extensive training on various life disciplines, especially during times when they are not out in the war. This is the perfect place to learn about many things that one would learn nowhere in their lives for free.

Cons of having a military dad

a)    Exposure to high risks

It’s evident that the most prevalent worry about having your dad in the military is the numerous kinds of risks that he is exposed to. There is the worry that he can be wounded or get permanently disabled while at war. Also, dying in the war is a common occurrence for many soldiers.

Soldiers also require to be mentally fit at all times. Sometimes they suffer from traumas that are caused by seeing violent scenes in the war fields or witnessing counterparts being brutally killed. It’s a painful experience that only the prepared can withstand. If your father is military, this ranks as the primary disadvantage that he is predisposed to.


b)    Being away from your family on long stretches

In the military, nobody is exempted from duty at any time unless under exceptional circumstances. Everybody is obliged to avail themselves whenever they are required. This works at a disadvantage for military fathers who have a family at home. When your dad is a soldier, you cannot enjoy being with him at all times like most kids whose fathers are civilians do. This means that you will be celebrating your birthdays and many other important life milestones with your dad being absent.

c)    He is obliged to serve till the contract is over

The military job is not like any other civilian profession where you wake up one morning and inform your boss that you won’t appear for work in the coming month. Soldiers are obliged to serve until their contact duration runs down. This would put them at a disadvantage, especially if a significant issue arose that required your father the stay at home.

A case like a sickness to a family member that necessitates your father being around at home at all times is not excusable as a reason to terminate a contract. The military is that strict and all that you can do when your father is on duty is to wish that nothing that requires his attention crops up when he is on a mission as he can’t just return home.

You love your father a lot that is not a secret, and you would like him to be around the family at all times. However, if your father works in the military, such privileges would not be available. Your father is away at most times and in a dangerous occupation where anything terrible can happen at any moment.

But this doesn’t mean that everything about being a soldier is hell. There are also notable advantages that your father and family are set to reap from the association with the forces. Therefore, it’s a balanced situation like it is in any other job.